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Success Factors offered by Bilytica is a cost effective solution which don’t require any maintenance and it delivers a fast return on investment. Success Factors deployment is suitable for the organizations which look forward to utilize the benefits of cloud in order to improve their HR processes.

Organizations which look beyond the Cloud immediate gains can get help from Bilytica in order to develop the roadmap which discovers holistic impact on business execution and results. It aligns the HR strategy with the corporate objectives in order to provide the perfect implementation.

Success Factors Business Suite offered by Bilytica integrates with the existing on premise IT investments and it has an ability to deliver the capabilities which can integrate and streamline the processes across corporate enterprise right from goal setting and performance management to succession planning and recruitment. Service delivery and analytics offered by success factors can transform HR department in to the business enabler. You can access Success Factors from anywhere through its mobile capabilities and it can integrate with the financials, survey data or existing CRM which can transform data in to the information that is actionable and very critical for talent decisions and HR.

Success Factors provide you an opportunity for implementing some or all talent management capabilities in large HR transformation initiative as it is dependent on readiness of HR organization to invest in the strategic initiatives.

Benefits of Opting for Success factors from Bilytica

  • It provides a seamless flow of talent and HR data among the performance management, compensation, recruiting and learning processes in order to get:
    • Simplified processes and make talent and HR data more accessible
    • Workforce planning improvements and data driven decisions promotion
    • You can leverage the single system platform in order to utilize the talent information
  • Success factors implementation provides an ability to align your team and individual behaviors, goals and competencies according to the organization strategy for driving business execution
  • Success Factors implementation by Bilytica allows you to lower the HR and talent operating costs due to single workflow, process automation and common architecture.
  • Our experts provide an intuitive talent and HR user interface which promotes ease of use and the user adoption throughout an entire organization.

Success Factors allows you to get best performance and return out of your greatest asset which are employees. You can contact Bilytica team for discussing your requirements, no matter you want to move to the cloud, leverage your existing SAP investment or develop an own success factors strategy for deployment.

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