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“Improve your retail marketing business with Alrasmyat Solutions Analytics”

Using Business Intelligence (BI) solutions in the retail industry is the key to find main facts & insights for increasing the profitability & improving brand awareness. The use of right BI analytics can help us to identify new markets, areas for future development, tracking different responses for the marketing solutions and strategies. The importance of marketing intelligence has continued to be growing with presence of retailers. The retails industry is on the top & highly competitive, you must really need to market your product or service. With the help of business intelligence (BI) Analytics solutions Training Development Developer Official Support Partner Services Company Solution in Doha Al Rayyan Qatar, massive set of data is managed and provides different insights that help retailers to understand how the best market can be segment and targeting marketing budget to gain a competitive business.

  • Point of Sale Analytics:

Point of sales includes millions of transactions with advance analytics that tracks transaction and identifies a single POS terminal, employee & exact time of a purchase. This is as critical & retailers attempt to measure & improve promotion effectiveness, employee productivity & product affinity.

  •  Customers 360° Analytics:

Business can gain much more complete understanding of customer behaviors. What they buy, how they prefer to do shopping, why they have moved to another shop & what they‘ll buy next.

  • Loyalty Analytics:

Key performance indicators help businesses to grow by making the sense of using huge amounts of data that is generated through personal, industrial & social interactions as we can say mobile devices, social media, geo location, point of sales and automation.

  • Marketing Analytics:

To gain understanding of which actions will build more profitable relationships with customers, how we can generate good return on investment (ROI) from marketing campaigns. How the social media data is can be helpful for better marketing strategies. Marketing helps all the marketers to make smarter decisions & improve outcomes.

  • Promotion Analytics:

Key performance indicators (KPI’s) focus on marketing strategies & retail store performances in the analysis of giving customers promotions & different kind of discounts.

  • Seasonal Sales Day By Day:

The seasonal patterns & insights help you increase the sale in future and also help in very important predictions.

  • Prediction of Discounts:

Key performance indicators helps the organizations & Brands to easily determine the time and amount of discount easily with markdown optimization analysis.

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