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Bilytica, as a business intelligence consulting leader, is providing its services to extract beneficial information form structured, semi structured and unstructured data of your organization. Our skilled experts are utilizing their knowledge to combine creative analytics with reporting tools to build and maintain robust relationships. Our dedicated Business Intelligence (BI) professionals’ assist you to better understand your brand, competitors, consumers, services, market position and opportunities via vast collection of perfectly built analytics and reporting equipment. Through our change management method we work with your team to make you realize the exceptional benefits of your solution. Strategic planning, business intelligence evaluation, data migration & integration, business intelligence architecture, development, dashboard development and analytics reporting automation are the services that support our clients to attain powerful data analytics environment. Our worthy BI consultants have utmost exposure to derive impactful information from variant sources that include conventional financial data warehouse assets, sales and marketing data, ERP data etc. Bilytica analytics solution team derives value for this data by developing context and semantics levels. This derivation and development is done by combing data with application toolsets.

Bilytica Dashboard Services

Bilytica dashboard consulting services empower our consultants to provide seamless support to our clients to easily observe their sales, marketing, financial, CRM, ERP and other organizational data. Our dashboard services help business to highlight essential performance indicators and trends through the intelligent use of interactive dashboard applications. Our dashboard development projects work on the principle that at the end BI dashboard provides valuable insight. Our experts assure our clients that quality and inherent value of the data make dashboard an amazing tool for data analysts and corporate leadership. Our expert team helps you to make informed and smart decisions by deriving advantageous and relevant data from variant sources.

Bilytica Mobile Services

Bilytica understands the growing demand of mobile business intelligence applications. Bombardment of smartphones, tables and other electronic gadgets in the past decade is the main reason for elevation in these applications demand. Our valuable mobile services allow you to make important decisions anywhere and anytime. We help our clients to improve performance and accessibility of their organization through our best in breed mobile business intelligence (BI) applications. Our experts have designed amazing cloud based computing mobile platforms that allow our clients to have in time intelligence reports, enhanced employee efficiency, seamless customer services and much more through our outstanding mobile dashboards.

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