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Bilytica Big Data Maturity Model is five stage process and it offers evolutionary progression for getting the organization think about the possibilities. You can make use of Bilytica Big Data Maturity Model to determine the standing of your company in relation to the current and ongoing big data initiatives and it perfectly acts as the roadmap for ensuring the future growth.

5 Stages of Big Data Maturity Model

  • Discovery
  • Startup
  • Tactical Adoption
  • Strategic Integration
  • Visionary Optimization

Begin researching and understanding the big data architecture and the potential business value of the architecture.


This stage includes the conduction of proof of concepts for understanding value proposition of the big data.

Tactical Adoption

Big data integration in to enterprise architecture for driving new insights and value.

Strategic Integration

Big data value realization as basic component of an enterprise architecture

Visionary Optimization

Achieve a competitive advantage and get new business opportunities through leveraging all data.

Bilytica provides a perfect blend of architectural and business services which are tailored for helping the enterprise attaining highest level of big data maturity through practical and creative solutions which are built on the big data process milestones no matter where the client organization lands within the hierarchy.

Bilytica Business Services

  • Roadmap strategy making with the business case development
  • Use Case Proof of Value
  • Implementations of Use Case and its Value
  • Closed Loop Integration
  • Data Science and Advanced Analytics

Bilytica Architectural Services

  • Technology evaluation and selection
  • Big Data Migrations
  • Bilytica Reference Architecture
  • Traditional Architecture optimization with the big data architecture
  • Solution Architecture Tuning and Optimization

Our reliable architectural and business services always allow the client organizations get exceptional benefits and we consistently make the necessary improvements in our workflows so that our clients can efficiently compete in their relevant industries without having to face any issues of any kind.

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