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You must establish and maintain a consistent buying process in order to win and retain customers in today’s competitive business world. Sales, distribution and marketing must be in sync to satisfy customer requirement and provide products and services to the client when they are ready to buy, meeting their appropriate product needs and demands. It’s all about data. Explore your data design new campaigns and comprehend trends.

To adapt to the changing competitive and market landscape, the organisation must monitor fluctuations in the buying behaviour taking into account the geographies, psychographics, behavioural and demographics buying data. A concise data mining process is required by true marketing business intelligence, using data from existing enterprise databases and systems. However, numerous organisations find it difficult to leverage and understand this data, because the information they require resides in dissimilar locations and is difficult, if not impossible, to incorporate and summarize.

  • Competitive advantage is achieved by sorting, ranking and filtering information in order to identify clients who buy frequently, require minimum service costs and who purchase more products.
  • Improve campaign revenue on investment along with identifying and retaining valuable customers.
  • Monitor acute data and build a stable brand by assessing response rates, for example, market segmentation, geographic region, seasonal buying behaviour and demographic group.
  • Company financials are synchronized with marketing strategies along with a clear view of the effects of marketing efforts on purchasing, production and sales plans.
  • Establish performance management metrics to be used by the entire marketing team and achieve an integrated view of performance.
  • Flexible, user-friendly reports and dashboards are generated to fulfil the information requirements of all users and show data in a way that is meaningful to individual users.
  • Acquire information on customer profiles, product revenue, customer profitability, customer sales growth, market penetration and brand performance by industry.
  • Market research is performed based on buying behaviour, market and competitive trends, client profiles, historical results and other critical information to increase the effectiveness of new product plans and marketing campaigns.
  • Campaign revenue is analysed based on market opportunity data.
  • View overall performance as a funnel and track key campaign metrics.
  • Geographical buying behaviour is analysed based on product types.
  • Specific account detail are drilled down by using demographic searches and filters.

Analyze campaigns

When your campaign database includes various regions, sources, industries, and other slices it can be difficult to analyze what is working, where, and why.
Bilytica makes the life can make quick work of your campaign analysis. Slice revenue by market, campaign, or demographics so you can improve your campaigns and your market segmentation.
Use the territory filter to break down your revenue month by month and figure out what products these regions were most interested in.

Analyze geographical buying behavior

A large part of marketing analytics is trying to understand where your largest markets are and what specific buying behaviors or habits exist. With this information you can better segment and tailor your marketing messages to each market for the best results. The pain alleviated in this case is geographically viewing your markets and visually understanding their opportunity size along with specific buying behaviors.

The first view is a heat map showing the sum of annual revenue or opportunity size of each market on both size and color for emphasis. It is easy to identify what your largest markets are and where you would expect the majority of your sales to come from. In the sheet below is another heat map with the regions broken down by each product and what their specific buying behavior is for each of those products. Revenue is displayed by color and the order quantity is displayed as size to give the end user a complete idea of individual region buying behaviors.

Identify your best and worst audiences

Use demographic filters to slice your account records and find similarities and trends across campaigns and accounts.
In this dashboard you are presented with three global filters of territory, state and email month as well as six sheets that can be used as a filter to better segment your metrics and find trends or patterns in various segments of your database. These filters will help break down and drill into specific niche markets or difficult regions to read behaviors and get specific account details and their actions throughout the email campaign.

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