With new and improved versions of SharePoint being introduced in the market it becomes necessary to upgrade and modify such changes. Such migration from previous versions of SharePoint to new upgraded versions enhances functionality with added features to supplement better management

Alrasmyat provides migration services from previous versions of SharePoint to new versions. Since we are certified Microsoft partner therefore our software upgrades are 100% authentic and genuine. Our team of experts take due care in such migration process to prevent any loss of data and provide secure transition. We have been part of the SharePoint evolution history right from its birth i.e. SharePoint 2001, delivering solution on each and every releases. Hence with us you are completely covered no matter what level of SharePoint you are in.

All upgrades are provided based on the requirements of customers and their specification. We test run all updates before finally installing and troubleshoot for any problem that comes up during the process. Supported database up gradation is also provided be it office 365 or any cloud based server.

Migration services from Office 2007 to 2010 though has been most prominent and demanded in resent past but with new update in 2013, we provide that also.

We are also fully prepared to Migrate to new latest of Microsoft SharePoint 2016.

Why Alrasmyat?

  • More than a decade of experience in implementing SharePoint projects.
  • Vast SharePoint Implementation Customer Base which includes MNC’s and Some Fortune 500 Companies.
  • Experience and proven track record in Migration from One Version of SharePoint to the next level.
  • More than 30 solutions implementation on SharePoint for different industry verticals.
  • Resource pool of Domain experts, SharePoint Consultants, SharePoint Helpdesk, .Net Developers for SharePoint apps and Microsoft Office 365 Experts
  • Pre-build Frameworks and ready to use integration tools and migration tools for SharePoint.
  • Market tested approach and delivery model to SharePoint and Migration from one level of SharePoint to the next..
  • Microsoft Certified Partner on SharePoint and Collaboration.
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