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Trends are changing at a rapid speed and everything is changing like the way people work, experience technology and consume the content to get everything done. Market is experiencing growing expectation and demand of consumer friendly solutions in order to let the technology accomplish tasks easily and save adequate time. SAP Fiori and Screen Personas create simple and user friendly interfaces to meet the expectations and requirements of users.

SAP Fiori Implementation by Bilytica

SAP Fiori is implemented through the application of modern responsive design principles for an efficient user experience. SAP Fiori UX offers a personalized, simple and responsive user experience across deployment and devices options. Ready to use role based applications of SAP Fiori offer large range of choice for SAP end users. SAP Screen personas are used for the customization of classic screens in SAP ERP for increasing personal productivity. Simple drag and drop approach can be used to modify GUI screens of SAP. Use of SAP Screen Personas allow you to simplify the business application screens easily and quickly for the business users without IT knowledge. SAP Screen Personas highly improves the visual appeal, end user productivity and performance of SAP application.

SAP Screen Personas

SAP Screen Personas allow you to maximize the usability of mission critical software through the personalization of SAP ERP screens without any need of programming. An easy to use drag and drop functionality help you to boost efficiency of processes and productivity of the business users.

  • Low Cost and Reduced Training Development Developer Official Support Partner Services Company Solution Time
  • Improved Productivity
  • Fewer Data Errors
  • Modified Screens

SAP Screen Personas User Interfaces

Bilytica Consultants offer reliable services for SAP User Experience Transformation platform which allows you to take complete advantage from the SAP Fiori Apps in order to optimize the business operations. Bilytica consultants can customize the existing Fiori Apps, build the new ones, wrap them up with security policies and ensures the deployment in to preferred enterprise app store for better distribution to the employees.

Bilytica provides ready to use applications for different functional areas being part of the user experience services portfolio. These apps are perfectly suitable in order to ensure the rapid deployments.

Other than development and customization, we offer the following services:

  • Implementation services for Fiori which include landscape assessment, configuration and installation of apps
  • Fast and efficient deployment solutions for SAP Hana and Non-Hana environment
  • Modification, design and enhancement of Fiori Applications

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