SAP Best Practices by Bilytica in Doha Al Rayyan Qatar

Bilytica applies the best SAP practices for an implementation, roll outs and analysis of various business scenarios

SAP Best Practices offered by Bilytica comprises of the collection of pre-packages and ready to use business scenarios for different kinds of global industries. We make use of SAP best practices and add the collective best practices which help the customers get everything going right not only for the first time but for all times.

Business scenarios covered by SAP Best Practices address core business needs of the demanding organizations. Integrated marketing, sales and services functionality allow the company’s focus on the customer relationships. Due to SAP best practices, you get an opportunity to optimize everything from the management of contacts, customer activity and accounts management to leads handling, campaigns management and service tickets.

SAP best practices offered by Bilytica allow your company have the following benefits:

Save your precious time

  • You can easily identify the delta requirements in contrast to the identification of overall requirements
  • Prototyping done in short span of time
  • You need to avoid reinvention of the wheel approach as you can simply activate preconfigured SAP best practices scenarios for common configuration options.
  • Create platforms quickly for joint development, own development and partners evaluation

Knowledge transfer rate acceleration

  • Live prototyping to motivate your staff members and keep them interested
  • You can create the demo scripts and systems for the review of scenario processes
  • Leverage and make best utilization of the end user training materials which are part of the SAP Best Practices
  • Assurance of effective communications among the executives and team members of the project


Project Predictability Improvement

  • We let you start with the proven world-class best business practices which are out of the box
  • Our solution implementation let you make a consistent approach which is completely focused on the integrated end to end business processes
  • Blue prints provision for making everything going in the right way
  • Limitation of hands on configuration as much as possible.

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