Shared Services for SAP Application Management in Doha Al Rayyan Qatar

Bilytica has a team of consultants who let you reduce the total cost of ownership, free up the internal resources and highly boost and improve the service quality in order to assure improved business performance at reasonable and fixed cost.

Maintenance and support of the enterprise applications can sometimes become challenging and difficult task for the mid-sized companies which do not have much budget, appropriate in house skills and adequate number of resources. Bilytica offers SAP shared services program which is designed to bring the predictable value in order to leverage best and most reliable processes, templates, procedures and efficient reporting mechanisms in order to lay a strong foundation for the establishment of comprehensive solution management.

Bilytica AMS Shared Services Model

  • Every pool of consultants contain technical, functional and basis resources
  • All the global consultant resources at Bilytica are efficient in knowledge and training management, resource planning, security administration and quality management
  • Bilytica ensures that every customer is given services by the dedicated resource pool and in case of unavailability, services will be rendered from global resource pool without any delay and whenever needed.
  • All the consultants working at Bilytica are allocated to maximum four customers
  • Consultants working at Bilytica only connects to one customer environment at a time in order to avoid any kind of potential security risk.

Benefits of AMS Shared Services Offered by Bilytica

  • All our consultants possess vast industry expertise and knowledge and they offer the services which are specially tailored to meet the specific and specialized industry requirements
  • 24/7 technical support services are available and our team is always available for handling any critical ticket related issues
  • Bilytica ensures the distributed delivery through offshore and onshore capabilities
  • We assure global reach through experienced resources and lean culture

Shared services models offered by Bilytica are completely supported through centralized pool of highly experienced and exceptionally talented consultants. Support cost is low as it is shared with the multiple customers which offer added value due to the extended industry expertise among plenty of consultant teams. If you are looking for more information then you need to contact our support team to find more about Bilytica Shared services models.

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