The Art and Practices of Information Management in Doha Al Rayyan Qatar

Business intelligence, data warehousing, master data management, business analytics, data governance, and more.… They are all pieces of the same puzzle: the broad and diverse field of information management (IM). The field encompasses many distinct disciplines, yet most of us know only a handful. The abundance of disciplines and the dependencies among them make IM a complex field that is rich with opportunities. To truly understand the full scope of IM you need to be familiar with topics that range from data modeling to predictive analytics. Regardless of your specialty area, there is value in seeing the big picture and knowing where your skills fit into that picture.

You Will Learn

  • The broad scope of information management including 14 disciplines
  • The dependencies that exist among information management disciplines
  • The what, why, and who for each of the IM disciplines
  • The people, process, and technology factors of each IM discipline
  • Several roles and opportunities for IM professionals

Geared To

  • Practitioners, managers, and consultants working in any specific area of IM; business and IT executives who need to understand the IM landscape; those who need to understand IM to perform their jobs more effectively; anyone exploring IM career growth opportunities

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