Putting the Business Back in BI: A Framework for Requirements and Value Management in Doha Al Rayyan Qatar

BI means “business intelligence,” yet it sometimes seems that technology interests supersede those of business. When a BI program gives more attention to dashboards, scorecards, OLAP, and data warehouses than to finance, R&D, marketing, operations, etc., it is time to put the business back into BI.

The purpose of BI is to deliver information that makes a difference—real contributions to the mission and goals. The challenge lies in making a strong connection between goals and information. All too often BI delivers obvious and easy metrics, missing opportunities for high-impact information.

The key to effective and valuable intelligence systems lies in requirements. Yet gathering requirements for intelligence systems is complex and difficult. This course teaches processes and techniques for requirements gathering and requirements management that specifically target the complexities inherent in BI. The framework for requirements management helps to be sure that the many aspects of BI—motivation, capabilities, performance, governance, management, compliance, risk, and measurement—are all understood and properly represented in BI systems.

You Will Learn

  • A new definition of BI that shifts the focus from data and technology to capabilities and value
  • The dimensions of business management and their relationships to BI
  • The elements of business governance and their roles in BI
  • The principles of business measurement and their roles in BI
  • How management, governance, and measurement combine to form a framework to manage BI requirements and BI value
  • How to apply the framework for each of requirements analysis, project scoping, and value management

Geared To

  • Sponsors and business stakeholders in BI programs
  • BI program and project managers
  • Business analysts
  • Requirements analysts
  • Designers and developers of analytic systems

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