SAS Data Integration Studio


  • register source data and target tables
  • create jobs and explore the functionality of the Job Editor
  • work with many of the various transformations
  • enhance table relationships using integrity constraints, key, and indexes
  • work with slowly changing dimensions
  • create custom transformation with the Transformation Generation Wizard
  • document and deploy jobs
  • administer SAS Data Integration Studio
  • Incorporate data quality techniques (self-study).

Course Outlines

Introduction to the platform for SAS Business Analytics and SAS Data Integration Studio

  • exploring the platform for SAS Business Analytics
  • working with SAS Data Integration Studio
  • introduction to change management

Introduction to Course Data and Course Scenario

  • Explaining the course data
  • Explaining how to define target data
  • Introduction to the course scenario

Creating Metadata for Source Data

  • Setting up the environment
  • Registering source data

Creating Metadata for Target Tables

  • registering target tables
  • importing metadata

Creating Metadata for Jobs

  • creating jobs
  • exploring functionality of Job Editor
  • submitting jobs to create target tables
  • specify how to document jobs
  • recording job performance statistics
  • chaining job flows
  • investigating mapping and propagation

Working with Transformations

  • working with the extract transformation
  • working with summary statistics transformation
  • working with the loop transformations
  • explaining status handling
  • working with the data validation transformation
  • working with the sort transformation
  • working with the append transformation
  • working with the transpose transformation
  • working with the apply lookup standardization transformation

Defining Table Relationships

  • reviewing the data model
  • defining integrity constraints
  • defining keys and indexes
  • exploring various load techniques

Working with Slowly Changing Dimensions

  • defining slowly changing dimensions
  • working with SCD Type 2 loader transformation
  • working with the lookup transformation

Working with Transformations

  • working with the new transformation wizard

Implementing Data Quality Techniques (Self-Study)

  • working with the DataFlux IS Job transformation
  • working with the DataFlux IS Service transformation

Deployinging Jobs

  • specify how to deploy jobs for batch scheduling
  • specify how to deploy jobs as stored processes
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