Windows Azure

Cloud computing and hosting services are the latest additions in the world of technology. Not all the platforms available in the market are capable to deal with this technology.

Microsoft windows azure is a well-managed system of cloud computing and has data management centers. It enables you to derive best advantages and utilize them in a productive manner. You can use the amazing platform of windows azure to design, develop and deploy applications with its notable processing framework and exceptional features. Techlopes window azure development team is well equipped and has comprehensive knowledge about this latest technology.

We deliver the best solutions with extraordinary windows azure PAAS (platform as a service) and IAAS (infrastructure as a service) services to stratify your development queries. Our exceptional developers’ team provides you the guideline in selection process of programming tools, languages frameworks. Amalgamation of our perspective approach and exceptional skills of developers enable us to think something out of the box. It allows us to serve you with distinguished and feature rich applications according to your business requirements.

Techlopes windows azure development team develops best in breed web applications and tries to satisfy your business needs. They provide best value and information utilizing the enchanting Azure facilities and services like Virtual Machines, Data Management, Business Analytics, Identity, Access Control and Messaging. Our expert Azure Developers answers your queries regarding Window Azure Development technology. They assist you to connect with the technology and map the right development process. Techlopes provides the services of Microsoft azure development such as deployment solution, media services, cloud services, migration solutions, data management, application development and much more.


  • Exceptional extensibility
  • Infrastructure on your terms
  • Enterprise-grade cloud platform
  • Turnkey back-end solution for mobile apps
  • Actionable and interactive insights from your data
  • Dynamic Migration of applications and infrastructure
  • Create, protect, encode and stream media on cloud
  • Seamless management of information
  • Get involved with immense amount of data
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