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Supply chain analysis has evolved into an art over past several decades. In an attempt to monitor results, and establish goals and metrics, most enterprises have turned to enterprise analysis and supply chain reporting. Organisations recognise the importance, expenses and hidden values along the steps in the supply chain – in an effort to optimise resources, ensure customer and partner satisfaction, and control costs.

The supply chain manager and other teams and individuals, with true business intelligence, engaged in various aspects of the supply chain, creating personalised dashboards, alerts to establish objective goals, key performance indicators (KPIs), monitor shipment systems, reports and other enterprise applications using an integrated, unified view of data.

  • Issues are exposed before they turn into real problems by monitoring each phase of the supply chain with automated alerts.
  • Information is analysed and shared with the production planners and suppliers in order for them to take the right action and regulate plans and schedules.
  • Executives are empowered with the latest, integrated metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to analyse the inventory shortages, production yields, quality and services of vendors and much more.
  • Critical supply chain details are analysed, for instance, transport and courier performances, inventory of warehouses, material demand/supply chain as well as the most reliable suppliers with outstanding balances.
  • Report and analyse location and value with inventory investment, distribution details and current stock status.
  • Stock levels and fluctuations affecting customer demand is also monitored.
  • Generate reports to illustrate quality and plant, department, shift costs, monitor organisational efficiency and time-to-delivery.
  • Track inventory age, patterns of routing, material usage, substitutions and product cycle.
  • Optimise supply chain costs and resources along with evaluating trends and managing inventory and distribution and analysing vendor performance problems.
  • Accurately forecast and plan with ongoing analysis of supply and demand during production and distribution.
  • Shipping scheduling is analysed.
  • Improve transportation and inventory planning.
  • Transportation management efficiency is also increased.
  • Just-in-time delivery metrics are tracked.

Product demand is modelled.

Logistics & Routing Location Intelligence Analysis

The ability to pull information from disparate sources into one console is critical to successful distribution analytics. Our solutions let you do this, including built-in geocoding, data blending and cross-data source triggers, support for WMS mapping services, connectivity to external web services and built-in calculation support.

In this visualization the logistics system that our solution connects to includes knowledge about fulfillment centers (FCs) and retail locations. You can see the distance from the FC has been color coded, while size is based upon tonnage. A link to web based directions provided by Google is also included below.

SMA Impact Analysis

This view allows retail shelf management team to see SMA impact, at the rep visit level.
It could be used to evaluate SMA expense or pinpoint where there are opportunities to improve the supply chain process.
It could also be used in negotiations with retailers on stocking effectiveness.
The retail shelf management team needs to understand the impact of the SMA rep visits, to determine value in the SMA
process, as well as to be able to take action based on the output.This view lets you evaluate the
SMA impact by Territory or filter to a particular brand by clicking in the text view on the top left. The wider the gap
between Call Start and Call End, the more effective the rep has been.

Advanced Algorithms and Shipping Model

Many academic and real-world approaches exist to gauge product distribution, inventory controls, customer order processing, invoicing/crediting and more. Our Solutions provide you an elegant and powerful view into your existing metrics and allows you to create new, customized algorithms.

In this visualization, a complex forecasting model has been created in calculation window. You can choose various modeling methods such as “Aggressive”, “Deterministic”, or “Cost Optimization”. These are bespoke calculations and can be built by your organization, allowing for flexibility to model the specifics of your business.

Advanced Metrics Analysis

Supply chain solutions often contain multiple software and logistics systems. Our solution integrates easily with many of the most common data sources. Use our solution to combine views from multiple data sources so that you can highlight, filter and see trends, no matter where your data lives.

From sales revenue versus costs, to changes over time, to forecasting based upon existing metrics, our solution lets you integrate your multiple logistics systems into flexible, interactive dashboards. You can combine dashboards to create powerful tabbed applications.
This visualization combines sales metrics, geographic demographics, and YOY change thresholds, all in one consolidated view.

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