Business intelligence industry has fulfilled its promise by providing them mobile solutions to cherish the availability of information whenever and wherever they need it. Bilytica’s mobile business intelligence solutions concentrate on utilization of mobiles distinguished traits to serve its users with exceptional experience. Bilytica’s solution provides the services of author once, consume anywhere experience, continuity across all devices, swift IT authority and touch optimize controls and displays.
Bilytica Mobile business Intelligence solutions can be accessed on any latest electronic gadget and its displays can also be amended to provide smooth touch experience. You can enjoy seamless touch experience with automated displays and dashboards workflow.

Author Once

Just once publish the solution to you server and then enjoy it unlimited services through any mobile or tablet. Analytics will detect itself that you are using the solution on which device and you do not need to make alterations.


Natively Touch

Bilytica mobile business intelligence provides you the beneficial feature of natively touch which makes the solution easy to use and enables you to get the data with just few taps.

Filters: Filters, parameters, sliders, scrolling, and zoom & pan, are specially designed to synchronize with your fingers. For example, tapping a filter pops a large, touch-optimized quick filter and there is scrolling inside the filter.

Views: Touch-optimized with dynamic scrolling enables automated views and allows you to simply swipe to scroll through a long customers list.

Browse Content

Bilytica mobile solution allows you to swiftly find the display you need and cherish the beneficial features of solution like swipe to browse down the list, control by publisher, look for workbook, go for your favorite workbook and see latest used workbooks


Secured & Managed

Bilytica Mobile business intelligence ensures the security of data through single secured server. It allows you to enforce current security protocols and fuse them with active directory through server. You can allot new server account to your employee if he loses the old one. You can secure your data even on mobile because no data other than descriptive data about a workbook can be stored on the device.


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