The location can be an address, a sales territory, a delivery route or an administrative boundary for any business. It is a focal point in business. You can visualize, analyze and handle these traits in a Geographical Information System (GIS). Business Intelligence (BI) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications are often executed in variant sections within an enterprise; they are being used for different purposes, by different users and are approachable through different tools

Location intelligence : The « Where » factor

Aerial maps, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), consumer demographics as well as a user’s own customer records can be used as variant data sources to derive information. It provides a third party view of the “Where” and “Who” factor. Hyped by business to consumer (B2C) applications, location Intelligence is experiencing swift acceptance. While typical Business Intelligence systems handle the “Who”, “What” and “When” factors specific to the organization, fusion of Business Intelligence (BI) and Geographic Information System (GIS) allows for new types of analyses by adding the “Where” factor and third party data to the analyses.

Amalgamation of two solutions enables analytics based on “Where” factor and map-based visualization which can highlight spatial relationships, dependencies and trends that are difficult to discover otherwise.

Empowering Data Management with Location intelligence

Fusion of two systems allows organization to cherish data management skills of both systems. Huge variety of formats, files and volume of data can managed and organized effectively through automated Business Intelligence (BI) procedures. Reports and analysis can be represented graphically through robust BI toolkit. Managing variant spatial data formats and specific tools essential to handle such data are built in geographic information System GIS specialties. You can easily control the displayed or retrieved data in Spatial Business Intelligence report or dashboard through classical BI filters.

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