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Office politics or workplace politics are the strategies that people play to gain advantage, personally or for a cause they support. The term often has a negative undertone, in that it refers to strategies people use to gain advantage at the expense of others or the greater good. It’s a very important question that from where or whom the office or workforce politics come from? It really comes from the management that gives incentives to office employees to play political games with in office.

To avoid the internal politics, the human resource management of an organization should take some severe actions.

  1. Don’t get influenced 

The first step is to make an employee understand that they should manage their emotional response themselves. They should not hook in to other employees and bully others. Employees should be very confident about themselves and their decisions and they should not allow others to take decisions on their behalf. It is good to move away from the topic rather to take part and bully others.

  1. Decline to engage

The best thing for co-workers is to stop talking about each other and if one does not stop talking about others than others should stop engaging in that matter. It’s best to be polite but direct. So if the employees will stop engaging in such political conversations, politics will reduced automatically.

  1. Focus on the facts

Mostly employees are stuck in a situation where they cannot avoid a political discussion so in that matter they should not take it seriously and should not base their decisions on that office politics conversation. Employees should take decisions based on the facts and figures of organization and should not be partial with any of employees.

4. HRM complaint box

Human resource management of an organization should make a complaint through which employees can let the officials know about their issues so they can be resolved. In this way politics can be easily reduced from the organization and many matters of employee can be resolved through this act.

5. Know when a line has been crossed

The employees should not cross the limits and also have knowledge of the thin line that should never be crossed. A natural factor is that when employees are working together they get too much involved with each other. So sometimes the jokes become serious and people get offended. This falls under the category of bullying which can lead to office politics.

6. Use Automated HR Software

Performance evaluations are done automatically by accessing an employee’s performance. It also has training modules to train and educate employees so that they learn work ethics.

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All the above steps can be taken by the human resource management department of an organization to avoid workplace politics.

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