PeopleQlik – The Best HRM & Payroll Software in Doha Al Rayyan Qatar

Although provides many jobs to its people, however most of them are in the public sector. Along with that there is unemployment among youth and women, especially in the north of the country. feels the need to respond to the changes in the international market especially due to ongoing innovation in technology

To gain more advantage from the human capital it is necessary to understand the needs and deployment of the human resource at hand. Dealing with HR problems is part science and part art as you have to tap into the data but also deal with the element of interacting with people and reaching out to them.

Government officials and leading business men of the kingdom are aware of the growing need to address issues regarding HR. The biggest issue in talent acquisition and development, training and motivating employees to unleash their full potential along with managing human resource in a very humane and efficient manner. A balanced approach is required as some organization become more data centric, treating employees as another ‘resource’ in the business mechanism.

To tackle these issues HRMS software in are an urgent need. There are multiple HR software in which are floating in the market however most of them are either difficult to use or are in efficient in one dimension or the other. Due to the shifting trend towards Human Capital Management systems instead of Human Resource Management Systems, the future for HCM software is in is quite bright. Managers require easy to use management systems in which they can view employee performance in the forms of interactive dashboards and charts whereas employees require a quick access to HRMS in order to apply for leaves or to update their details. There are also various Payroll Software in but most of them look like an ancient relic.

Bilytica is an international expert in business intelligence and data analytics tools which for almost a decade has been providing its client such as shell, Nokia and Audi with reliable and effective solution especially crafted according to clients requirements. PeopleQlik is a user friendly HRMS software that can be even viewed on mobile devices, allowing managers and employees to deal with HR issues on the go.

PeopleQlik by is one of the finest HR software in are available in the market. As one of the leading HCM software in , it is not only quite effective but also less costly in comparison to other HRMS software in . It not only provides HR analytics and performance management but also acts as a recruitment software, timesheet and payroll software system, features that traditional payroll software in lag behind. Due to reliability, efficiency, and swiftness, PeopleQlik is adopted by brands like Audi and Coca-Cola.

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