How is Business Intelligence deriving Data Decisions? in Doha Al Rayyan Qatar


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Data generation is rapidly growing with collection of personal data, financial data, sales data, business data, accounting data and so on. There are different software and databases, but the missing important component at this point is an insight on the information.

There is a need for centralized location, where an authorized person can login and view current news and updates. This location will be like a warehouse of information. For a profitable business establishment, numerous parameters and accurate information are required by the managers to achieve the right decision for the growth of an organization. At this point, data warehousing services plays an important role in providing accuracy of information and views to profitable tracks.

A BI could help all the departments like:

1. Marketing Department — Helps in growing its top-line with options like analyzing campaign returns, promotional yields, and provides solutions to expenditure for profitable ROI, and trailing social media promoting

2. Sales — Finding the best path and solutions, customer purchase cost, and improvement in yearly revenue and sales

3. Inventory — Monitoring and modifying inventory levels

4. Human Resource — Tracking and managing employee revenue, recruitment process, etc.

Excellent usage of big data analytics solutions has shown exceptional results in all the sectors, healthcare, e-commerce, NGO, government, media domain, etc. There are many factors on which Business Intelligence tools are tested before selection. Main Elements of BI are:


Retail analytics solutions provide various reports and dashboards with high level of interactivity. Total sales report must be interactive and feasible so that one can drill down to view specifications like product sales, time period, etc.

Data Visualization

It is important to have precise format for data visualization. Data visualization solutions should have really good data charting engines integrated with it. For example, month on month sales would be represented in the form of line graph; module wise contribution would be shown in the form of pie diagram, etc. In case, the data is not presented in precise format, drawing results on the basis of unorganized format will lead to open ending decisions

Connection to databases

Data warehousing services has the ability to fetch information by connecting to different databases and web services. This can be implemented by the right tools which are an additional part.

Predictive Analytics

Big data analytics solutions uses high-end algorithms and historical data by which predictions can be made like tendency of a customer purchase and his revenue, machine failure, sales expected, revenue expected and region wise sales.

Bilytica enterprise BI services provide all the above mentioned qualities with customized features. It has the ability to access industry information and insight to the problem based on the data, a plan can be worked towards successful business.


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