Benefits of BI in healthcare establishment in Doha Al Rayyan Qatar


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Better data management helps in better patient treatment in terms of timely admittance, diagnosis and risk in casualty. Some other benefits includes supply cost optimization and fraud detection. There are several programs in the clinical situation that can benefit from the use of Business Intelligence tools and data analysis.

Consolidation & protection of data

Since healthcare BI would be a single point of access of data, better protection of patient data is possible by providing access to data only to those with appropriate authorized persons.

Increased revenue & reduce costs

Expenses of social insurance experts, lab hardware and consumables, pharmaceuticals/medicinal material, treatment per determination and cost per sort of therapeutic mediation can be lessened too. Healthcare Business Intelligence makes it possible to eliminate waste data stores to examine rejected claims in healthcare organizations.

Improved patient’s satisfaction

It helps to improve gross margins of healthcare organizations. By using business intelligence and analytic tools, it improves the quality of services provided to the patients.

Better Treatment & Care

Healthcare analytics solutions, capture medical history of the patient, doctors can accurate diagnose and apply efficient treatment with less risks during treatment. Using healthcare BI tools, professionals have easy access to patient’s data and they can create a variety of catalogs and reports based on demographic data.

Improved Efficiency

It provides access to any type of information & report, whichever is required at any time. This will assist better decision making and improved efficiency.

Reduction of medical errors and improved patients safety

It can be possible by supporting medical research and data treatment. It can be possible with observing the performance of doctors, departments and medical material requirements. Healthcare business intelligence can support a larger organization, by the exchange of medical information on a patient. It helps in improved decision-making in the area of comprehensive health care policy by the authorities of the organization of the health sector. Multiple groups or individuals can be put together by concentrating on the analysis and accuracy of data, which brings them closer to the point of facility in order to enhance decision making & make data useable.

Bilytica enterprise healthcare business intelligence enables you to handle and improve population health by reducing cost. This reduction in cost is done through combination of data, insight driven prioritization, risk management, coordination and patient care management.


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