Visualizations & Dashboards in Doha Al Rayyan Qatar

Static & Interactive Visualization

Static and interactive visualization consists of forms, tools and data to work with enterprise performance tracking, modeling & stimulation, statistical analysis, customer feedback, audience behavior, news data, demographics and much more.

Dashboards & BI Applications

Smart cities allow you to raise the standards of life by empowering you with systems that manages time, saves energy and reduces cost. Enabled with IOT sensor network it lets you to use resources only when you need them. Smart cities have amazing applications of smart lighting, water management, transport management, noise pollution, health tracking, citizen information system and waste management which allows you to manage and organize you city efficiently like never before. It enables you to minimize energy and water wastage, streamlines traffic flow, monitors noise, detect garbage and automate the flow of citizen information.

Data Visualization Infographics

Data visualization infographics represent information in such an attractive manner that nurtures understanding and grabs the attention of audience that may be otherwise overlooked. It only designs your information in an artistic manner but also analyzes it and represents it in accurate and effective format. It enables you to visually present database & statistics, showcase survey results, timelines, flowcharts & processes, display geographic & demographic data and compare impact of success and failure.


Geographic information is just a single click or tap away. Its sources include GPS enabled devices, economic, demographic, health and other government statistics. Now a day’s emergency management, business location, retail analysis, transportation modeling and natural resources management is not possible without GIS and geospatial analysis. User centered geographic visualization is fully supported by our pool of talent which comprises of researchers, cartographers, visualizers and programmers. They design best tools to provide this support which ultimately helps you to handle and organize your data geographically so that it can be interpreted swiftly. It enables you make fast and fruitful decisions.

UX/UI Design

XU/VI design create visual story and design the right visualization product to achieve business goals. It develops analytical applications and visuals that are not only eye catching but engage the user to extract the most of given data. Our ultimate goal is to design an appealing user centric solution. From sketching to carefully planning it also performs the functions of usability testing, user & stakeholder interviews, sketches, personas, site maps, user interaction maps and visual design mockups.

Technical resources.

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