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Bilytica can be used to analyse data from email, CRM and automation platforms. It develops stunning and insightful funnel reports. Segment and perform database hygiene. Analyse campaign and lead nurturing stats. It also combines all your multiple data sources into a single view of your marketing efforts. Bilytica email and CRM analytics streamlines your digital media goals and objective and assist in reaching and analysing them along with the optimization of online media campaigns in real-time. It provides recommendations in terms of personalizing and optimizing your digital marketing strategy. Bilytica leverages the power of data in order to deliver more relevant campaigns as improve customer email experience by protecting them from phishing, spam and other abuse.

Bilytica also provides online media optimization in which you can dig into the available data in order to make clear, informed decisions. It provides a historical perspective on your campaign effectiveness which is a very critical information to gain insight of. It also allows you to analyse your performance down to a campaign level providing you with online visualization of data to take insightful decisions to maximize your investments. It not only calculates Return on Investments (ROI) but also allows you to make strategic decisions that can significantly reduce cost as well as risk.
Bilytica can significantly improve your ability to gain insight from your CRM and email analytics in the following ways:

Allowing optimization of online media campaigns in real time.

Allows strategic decisions making that reduces expenses and risk, while increasing the brand reach.

Calculate Return on Investments (ROI) and quickly determine marketing effectiveness.

Measure and monitor email & CRM marketing.

Analyse and reach your digital media objectives and goals.

Testing of email content for improved metrics.

Data leveraging for marketing campaigns.

Online Media Optimization

Optimizing your online presence means digging into the data available to you to make informed decisions. Do your search ads perform differently than your display ads? What’s the conversion rate and, most importantly, what’s the cost?

Getting a historical perspective on your campaign effectiveness is critical for making future investment decisions. Analyze your performance down to a campaign level to know which ads performed well in different channels so you know when you’ve got a home run that can be re-used and when you need to look for new material.
Watch this short video to see an example of how visualizing online media spend data can lead to quick, insightful decisions to maximize your investments.

Technical resources.

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