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Bilytica Securities and Investment Analysis recognizes regions for cost investment funds. It responds quickly to regulatory inquiries as well as evaluate performance and analyses all trade activities. It completely understand exposures to counterparties and assets. And it not only streamlines operations but it also trade lifecycles. Phenomenal business sector turmoil requires securities and investment firms to constantly adjust to a frequently changing regulatory and competitive landscape. Uneconomical costs must be eliminated while risk exposures are managed and client relationships are strengthened. Firms are most likely to succeed if they can quickly analyse and can adapt to market fluctuations and macroeconomics conditions.

Bilytica Securities and Investment Analysis lets you inspect the daily trading details of publically traded technology stocks, 10 to 100 times faster than you can with spreadsheets or statistics packages. Filters are provided which can be adjusted as per your needs and requirements to examine a specific industry or change the date range. Bilytica Securities and Investment Analysis allows you to construct information portals without heavy development. Dashboards are provided with filters which import information for major investment clients in order to determine and evaluate portfolio risks. These dashboards can be used as a stand-alone system and can also be embedded in a broader customer portal initiative. Portfolio planning is also an added feature of Bilytica Securities and Investment Analysis which lets clients discover revenue growth for publicly traded software companies.

  • Understand trading dynamics of bonds, funds and equities.
  • Audit market spreads, costs, trading behaviour and order execution.
  • Build guided analysis flows for portfolio management.
  • Manage expenses and identify cost reduction opportunities.
  • Maximize profitability and effectiveness of trading.
  • Portfolio and multi-asset class investment performance are analysed.
  • Improve understanding of credit risk, intra-day liquidity and market risk.
  • Streamline operations and optimize trade-life-cycles.
  • Customer portals are built for investment performance.

Trend Monitoring

Bilytica analytics solutio lets you answer questions about stocks, bonds, derivatives and funds, 10 to 100 times faster than you can with spreadsheets or statistics packages. It all happens in a simple workbook that any Excel user can quickly master.
This dashboard lets you inspect the daily trading details of publicly traded technology stocks. Adjust the filters to examine a specific industry or to change the date range. You can identify those days with large trading volume (use the volume filter), or compare the return/ volume dynamics of different companies.

Securities Analysis

Any analytics application can create a stock price and volume chart. But how do you use data to drive down trading costs, reduce portfolio risk, discover anomalous trades, and look for opportunities? Bilytica supports these goals by letting you pan and zoom through large volumes of data, filter to areas you’re interested in, and drill into the underlying trading history. Imagine calculating compound returns and regressions with a click, and seeing visual results instantly.

This dashboard lets you explore the performance of a basket of technology IPOs. The indexes are based on company auditor. Select an index in the upper visualization and see the companies that comprise them in the bottom visualization. Use the application to compare the performance of different indexes over different periods.
For instance, adjust the filters to see whether the PWC or KPMG index offered the best returns during the first 300 days after IPO. As you investigate, you’ll notice that the top performing indexes were reliant on a few super star companies.

Investment Reporting

Financial firms are increasingly competing on their ability to offer clients access to rich, relevant data. But how do you deliver information to clients in a way that is visual, interactive and easy? How do you build online customer portals without suffering from the cost and inflexibility of a slow-moving business intelligence platform?
Our solution lets you construct information portals without heavy development.The interactive dashboards it provides can be embedded in a broader customer portal initiative, or used as a stand-alone system. The level of data access and interactivity is under your control and can vary from client to client. Advanced users can be given access to the underlying data for one-click import into their own spreadsheets.

This is a portfolio monitoring dashboard for a major investment client. Use the dashboard to evaluate portfolio risk. Selecting countries in the upper view filters the lower visualizations of issuer and rating concentration. The client can filter the entire dashboard by asset class or ratings group to better understand the specific issuers and investment trends for that cross section of the portfolio. Explore the dashboard to discover that investments in Europe have been becoming riskier in recent quarters.

Portfolio Planning

Visualize performance for customized portfolios in minutes
This application lets clients explore revenue growth for publicly traded software companies, based on data from their S1s and 10-Ks. All sales numbers have been inflation adjusted. Select lines in the upper visualization to filter to the details below.
The visualization is filled with investment stories and insights. For instance, most successful technology companies aren’t rocket ships. Only 28% of the nation’s most successful public software empires were rocket ships. (A rocket ship is defined as a company that reached $50 million in annual sales in 6 years or less).

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