Big Data Analytics Solutions

Big data analytics is the process of observing large set of data to expose hidden designs, indefinite associations, development of market, customer partialities and other beneficial business information.

Through Bilytica social analytics and sensor analytics services big data checking team help you to evaluate analytics from streaming data in actual time consoles.

Social analytics services

Our social media analytics consulting services help to make our clients to better understand their customers and the services they provide. Most importantly they have strong understanding about their opposition through the use of data, procedures and integration of technologies. Currently, we are living in a world of connection. To make these connection strong we use social media, smart phones, networks, medium, and journals. To extract an important information from huge amount of data organizations and business intelligence companies use our Bilytica’s Big Data Consulting Service.

Analytics from Social Media integration will help you:

  • Understand your brand
  • Understand your status
  • Listen and learn from interactions with customers
  • Understand your product or service perception in the market
  • Understand competitive intelligence
  • Social Media integration will enable you to get things that help you to design perfect strategy

Sensor Analytics services

Nowadays most of the companies observe and record their events and dealings by using sensors. You can create huge amount of data with these sensors. Our data warehousing services helps your organization to collect data and use this data in making big data policies and perfect strategies.

Our consulting team uses full advantages of all sensor types that contain: utility smart meters, healthcare biosensors such as EKGs, HVAC monitors, traffic readings, insurance company automobile sensors, and smart appliances for the home. Our specialists provide their complete support to the organizations to think from different perspective, permit them to recognize their abilities to use sensor data and help them to convert this into beneficial information. They can gain economical advantage towards productivity and improvement with this useful sensor data.

Our dedicated big data analytics specialists help you to integrate sensor data into broader big data image. We also enable them to recognize faulty machinery, operational inefficiencies, predictive modeling and forecasting by developing tools through our consultation.

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