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Our devoted Business Intelligence (BI) experts’ help you to well understand your product, opponents, customers, services, market status and opportunities through huge collection of faultlessly built analytics and reporting tools. . Our skilled specialists are using their knowledge to gather creative analytics with reporting tools to form and retain healthy relationships. Bilytica, as a business intelligence consulting leader, is offering its services to get beneficial information form structured, semi structured and unstructured data of your business. Strategic planning, business intelligence estimate, data migration and integration, business intelligence architecture, progress, dashboard development and analytics reporting mechanization are the services that upkeep our clients to achieve powerful data analytics environment. Our worthy BI consultants have greatest experience to originate impactful data from different sources that include conventional financial data warehouse resources, sales and marketing data, ERP data etc . Bilytica analytics solution team originates value for this data by developing context and semantics stages. This origin and development is done by gathering data with application toolsets. Through our change management ways we work with your team to make you understand the extraordinary benefits of your solution

Bilytica Dashboard Services

Our dashboard development projects work on the standard that at the end BI dashboard offers valuable understanding. Our experts guarantee our clients that quality and inherent value of the data make dashboard an amazing tool for data analysts and corporate leadership. Bilytica dashboard consulting services allow our consultants to offer unified support to our clients to simply observe their sales, marketing, financial, CRM, ERP and other organizational informations. Our dashboard services help industry to highpoint important performance pointers and trends through the intelligent use of cooperative dashboard applications. Our expert team helps you to make knowledgeable and cool decisions by deriving beneficial and relevant data from different sources.

Bilytica Mobile Services

Our valuable mobile services permit you to make significant decisions anywhere and anytime. Attack of smartphones, tables and other electronic devices in the previous decade is the main reason for promotion in these applications demand. Bilytica recognizes the growing demand of mobile business intelligence applications. Our specialists have planned amazing cloud based computing mobile platforms that permit our clients to have in time intelligence informations, improved employee efficiency, unified customer services and much more through our exceptional mobile dashboards. We help our customers to increase performance and convenience of their organization through our greatest in breed mobile business intelligence (BI) applications.

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