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If you are a retailer you face several challenges like selection of suitable suppliers and delivery options, manage client hopes, anticipate and estimate stock and inventory needs, set suitable pricing, manage seasonal shifts in demand and select the right products to sell. Retail is a standout industry and retailers can flourish and weaken by improving pricing, understanding businesses, understanding their supply chain, and finally selling stuff. Retail enterprises face many challenges to maintain profit margins in a market so they use our retail analytics solutions to meet the challenges.

From web analytics and loyalty plans to third-party data and point of sale details retailers can make a better decision. There are some factors that impact on income or profit like Resource allocation, hiring, training, facilities management, hours of operation. Though, there is a huge gap between having the information and utilize this information into to work. The retail market is varying, and market designs change quickly. If retail enterprise make sure operation cost then they should optimize it.

  • Make sure the Suitable inventory and management of stock
  • Capacity of resources and facility improve.
  • Optimise facility and resource capacity.
  • Appropriate inventory and stock management is ensured.
  • Supplier performance is determined and managed.
  • Marketing and e-commerce strategies are analysed and adapted.
  • Market basket analysis is performed.
  • Market research is performed to support marketing, sales and targets for stores, products and regions.
  • Integrate and analyse information from point of sale, inventory, distributor, customer relationship management systems and financial with seamless integration of diverse formats and striking reports and graphics.
  • Effective marketing campaigns are designed for specific products by identifying opportunities.
  • Financial data is integrated to control cost of operations and optimise business performance for enhanced profitability.
  • Information is delivered through personalised BI dashboards, graphs, gauges, automated alerts, charts and other views designed to meet the needs of the individual user and to support their role and function.
  • Customer buying behaviour is analysed.


Customers at store #283 have slightly different needs than the customers at the store #59.

To make a decision regarding your product use all the data or information you have about your customer than use our retail analytics solutions. Customers have different needs like in urban places sell more small things than in suburban places. And store in elderly population sell different things to satisfy the customer needs. Click into this visualization and find out that who a store’s neighborhood is? What they are selling soft items or hard? Does the mix vary as you move towards or away from economical stores? Are they stocked something or not?

Pricing & Supply

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measurable value that determines how effectively a company is attaining main business objectives. Organizations use KPIs to calculate their success at reaching targets. In retail inventory is the KPI that defines success. How do you create a football? It depends on the way that you visualize and the selection of right data. What happens if we increase or lower prices. What is the current view over or under inventory by product? This visualization offers to view inventory, shipping, pricing, and sales data can be in one place, driving better pricing and purchasing decisions. You can select the dashboard and see how your favorite beverage would perform in different scenarios.

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