Pharma Analytics Solutions

With big data & analytics technologies re shaping the pharmaceutical industry. Now a days pharmaceutical enterprises are large and multifaceted with a critical need for data and information. Data marks the enterprise in the form of controlling compliance requirements, test data, drug contraindications, side effects, clinical trials, doctor and patient data, study and development and other. Combined the information from all other enterprise organizations and reported in a way that will support business selections. Make it simple for the business customer to quickly break down matters and stay alongside of the most recent development and issues this will help you to make this data significant and functional. Once a drug or pharmaceutical product has been tested, the initiative must take agreement from regulatory agencies and work confidential strict constraints with a slight boundary for error.

  • Product planning and pricing analysis are simplified.
  • Accurate, up-to-date financial analysis are ensured.
  • Operational analysis are ensured to optimise operations, resources and funding as well as reduce costs.
  • Scalability is provided to handle complex and large data elements in various data schemes spread over a wide geographic distribution for trend analysis and risk recognition.
  • Monitors, analyses and provides Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on sales by region, distributor, sales representative or product, using intuitive business intelligence reports and personalised BI dashboards.
  • Detailed business intelligence reporting is offered for regulatory compliance along with an overview of market scenarios allowing users to accurately forecast and predict trends and results.
  • A 360° view of regulation, product testing and approval, services, regions, sales, marketing, customer profiles, products and other information is provided.
  • All aspects of organisation performance is assessed, e.g., profit, customer satisfaction, flexibility, transformation, growth and income.

Drug Discovery

Your team can recognize and search HTS hits instantly by visualizing the data. Our built dashboards give prove quality control an at-a-glance solution. Our live app shows how one pharmaceutical team uses our solutions to observe the results of their HTS drug discovery work.

Pharma Industry Analysis

Our Pharma Analytics solution allows all your business users to do improve analyses of pharma market growth, leveraging the most current sales and market data, and make business decisions rapidly based on how well forecasts compare to goals. It is critical that you make up-to-date decisions about where to spend your money and resources as new pharma markets arise and increase.

Physician Marketing

You can combine different data from different sources easily with Bilytica Pharma analytics solutions. You can view the transparent picture of best working by collecting together information about physicians, treatments, sales, physician marketing policies, geography.

Global Pharma Analysis

Today Pharma industry is getting bigger and bigger. There are many methods available that helps to expand your collection of R&D, sales and marketing efforts.
This visualization tracks the isolation of new H1N1 protein sequences across the globe during the 2009 pandemic. The top pane of the visualization allows users to see at a glance where sequences were isolated worldwide. The panes across the bottom help a user understand the timeline and detailed regional data, and even to drill down to specific accession numbers.
Select a particular region or country on the world map to see the timeline and regional data for your selection.

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