Plastic Surgery EMR Software by Cloudpital is the most advantageous software for managing a Plastic Surgery Department. The software will provide fully digitalized and paperless management which will give you the benefit of having more time in treating your patient. Also this will add up to the quality of service that you are providing to the patient, will create a more professional environment. The patient will have a peace of mind that he is in safe hands.
Cloudpital Plastic Surgery EMR Software is especially tailor made for the needs and wants of surgeons of saudi-arabia. We know what difficulties you are facing and we know the best kind of remedy for your problems.

The main features of Cloudpital Plastic Surgery EMR Software are:

  • Front-Desk is happier than Ever:

A lot of people complain about the time taken at reception, as the receptionist has to note down quite a few details about the patient also due to manual work there was always a queue in formation. But with the usage of Plastic Surgery EMR Software, the operator just has to enter the information in system, which results in smooth operation.

  • Complete cosmetic and medical history:

you have the freedom to enter or update any patient’s medical and cosmetic history. We know in cosmetic surgery, the main treatment is done after quite few routine checkups and complete medical history is taken in notice. Also this record will be helpful for later examinations of the patient. This will save time as you won’t have to go through diagnosis tests or check manual history of the patient. Everything will be available on a single click.

  • Helpful in later studies:

A record of every physician will be in formation that will help in future studies. This record will include the patient’s complete information, which physician was consulting him and which treatment was implemented on the patient. Also this will help in audit of the physician that how he treats his patients.

  • Scheduled Appointments:

The patients can set their appointments via phone or online which means that will be no unnecessary crowd and also there would be much less burden on Front Desk. Plastic Surgery EMR Software can also re-schedule your cancelled appointments for you.

  • Interactive UI:

You will have the option of custom menu building according your liking. The whole dashboard can be tailor made according to your needs.

  • Manage Inventory:

You will have the peace of mind that all your expensive equipment are recorded in inventory and nothing will remain out of sight.

  • Smart Billing System:

Computer generated invoice will be issued to patient and the patients will have the option to pay via credit card or through online banking.

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