Cloudpital knows how critical it is working in the Ophthalmology Department, as the surgeons are dealing with eyes and eyes are the delicacy of a human’s body. Cloudpital Ophthalmology EMR Software is designed to meet the needs of today’s Ophthalmologists. Our research department has worked day and night to come up with the solution that will fulfill all needs of your daily practice.
Cloudpital Ophthalmology EMR Software is the best fit for the needs and requirements of surgeons in saudi-arabia. Our researched department worked day and night to provide the useful insight about the problems Ophthalmologists were facing there. This software is here to modernize the ophthalmology department and kick out the ancient paper working system.




  • Daily Schedule:

The patients will be able to get appointments via phone calls and also online. This means that there will be less walk in customers and everyone will know their appointed time. Plus this feature will let you know about your daily schedule appointments.

  • Patient Record:

The physician will have the option to store and update complete information about any patient. You will be able to view this record at any time.

  • Fast Diagnosis:

If the previous record of patient is already available then there will no need of running false diagnosis tests, the physician will already have the idea of what is wrong with the patient. Complete medical history will be available to the physician.

  • Taking notes about a patient was never this easy:

Taking notes from a patient is very easy with EMR Software as u will enter directly into the software rather than writing it by hand.

  • Images Saving:

Ophthalmologists usually diagnose using the images of the eyes of patients, Ophthalmology EMR Software lets you save high definition pictures of the patient’s eyes and you can view it any time after once it is saved.

  • Equipment Handling:

Using Cloudpital’s Inventory Management Software, you can keep an eye on your expensive equipment and everything will be in record.

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